Binghamton Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Inc. in Binghamton, NY is the place to come and see a compact SUV called the Jeep Renegade. This small SUV is the perfect size for commuting, and it has the power and capability features that you would expect in a Jeep vehicle. When it comes to safety features, the Renegade is loaded.

One important safety feature on this vehicle is adaptive cruise control. This feature allows you to set the speed. If slower traffic is in the way, the vehicle will slow to match the speed. When the traffic clears, the pre-set speed will resume.

LaneSense Lane Departure Warning and lane keep assist are two features that work together. If the Jeep Renegade starts to go beyond the lane markings, you will receive a warning alert. The system will also provide you with steering corrections designed to bring the SUV back into the center of the lane in which it was traveling.

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