2014 Jeep Cherokee Provides Endless Potential for Drivers

Both nationally and here in our own Binghamton, NY, fans of the Jeep new model lineup have been eagerly awaiting the return of the iconic Jeep Cherokee model.

The return of this model is exciting for a number of reasons. The Cherokee nameplate, which has not been in production in over a decade, is one of the most historic and iconic SUV nameplates in the history of the automotive industry.

But now, because the model is now more sleek, efficient, and wider-appealing than ever before, Jeep is bringing it in with a cool new marketing campaign to help promote the launch.

The premise of the new ad campaign which was recently released by Jeep is that new Jeep models represent a whole world of endless possibilities, and they couple the images of Jeep models tackling tough terrain with Bob Dylan songs, and the combination truly lets driver's imaginations run as wild as their Jeep models can.

And that fact, that Jeep models can truly take their owners wherever they want to go, is exactly why we are so excited that the Cherokee model is making its return.

Mike Manley, President and CEO of Jeep brand recently had this to say about the newly returning model, "Whatever path consumers choose to follow, they can be assured that the all-new Jeep Cherokee will provide them with the craftsmanship, technology, safety, ride and handling and efficiency that modern living requires."1

The future of Jeep is truly very exciting, so visit us soon at Binghamton Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Binghamton, NY to become a part of the action.


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